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9 Foods That are Banned in Different Countries

It may come as a surprise that in some countries there are foods that are banned while in other countries you can freely consume them. This has come as a result of the standards that each country has set regarding the quality, substances or the way foods are packaged.

In the below list you will read about some really interesting food items that are completely banned in some countries.



Salmon contains Vitamin D and other proteins, while it is also very popular all over the world. However, Australia and New Zealand while trying to reduce pollution have joined forces and decided to ban the sale and the consumption of salmon that is farm-raised.

2.Chewing gum


You read this correctly, chewing gum is banned completely in Singapore. This may come as a shock to many people all over the world, but in Singapore, this is considered normal since they are more than obsessed with cleanliness and they thought that the best way to keep their country clean was to ban chewing gum. If you ever visit Singapore don’t eat any chewing gum since you might risk going to jail for up to two years and also pay a fine of $1000.

3.Foie gras


French cuisine is enjoyed all over the world, however, if you’re in California you’re not allowed to eat this delicacy – goose liver – since it has been banned. The reason for this was the inhumane treatment that livestock endures while they are alive. The poor animals are fed through tubes so that their livers are enlarged. California isn’t the only country to have banned Foie gras since countries like Germany, Italy, Denmark, India, Norway, Finland, Poland, and many other countries have decided to keep this delicacy away from their tables.

4.Sea bass


Great Britain has decided that sea bass is off limits since the species population has been in rapid decline. While it may be a popular food in many countries, you will surely not be able to eat it anywhere in Great Britain. We hope that sea bass rises in numbers drastically so that people in Great Britain will be able to enjoy them again.

5.Raw milk


Raw milk is completely off-limits for the US consumers and has been so for quite a long time now, thirty years to be more exact. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and The AMA (American Medical Association) have given a red light to consuming unpasteurized milk because it may contain foodborne illness. It is interesting to note that in countries like Switzerland you can even find vending machines where you can buy raw milk.



Samosa is the only product on this list that is banned in a country due to religious reasons. Somalia has banned samosa since it is too Christian. The delicacy is very famous across the African continent and in India, but if you live in Somalia then I’m afraid that you’re out of luck and you will have to travel somewhere else if you want to eat it.

7.Casu Marzu

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Italians sure do know how to make a name for themselves when it comes to food, even if that means eating cheese that is filled with fly larvae. Casu Marzu comes from Sardinia and it is made when pecorino, which is a hard cheese gets filled with fly larvae. According to cheese connoisseurs, you’re supposed to eat it before maggots die. This sounds weird to many people, but apparently, it is very famous, but illegal in the U.S.



A Japanese delicacy, Fugu is almost banned in the U.S. since it is very poisonous. Also known as pufferfish, its liver, intestines, and ovaries contain tetrodotoxin which is a deadly poison. While it is technically not banned, the chefs that prepare this delicacy have to train for up to three years in order to obtain the license to serve it. Despite being highly poisonous, it is a very expensive dish, and if you want to try it, there are only a few restaurants that serve it.

9.Shark fins

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The rapid growth of the human population has caused many shark species to be threatened and maybe even go extinct. In Asia shark fins are used to make soup, and for that reason many countries have decided to act upon this and ban them.


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