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Giving Back to The Community: Top 5 Charity Activities in the UAE to engage in

It’s truly admirable to contribute to the community from time to time. The UAE is home to numerous charitable foundations that dedicate extensive hours to creating a positive impact on the world. Volunteering is always a meaningful undertaking, whether you aspire to contribute to the community or have some extra time to spare. Read along to know the best charity organizations in the UAE that hold regular volunteer programs around the country and give opportunities to those willing to help. 

Top 4 Charity Activities in the UAE to engage in: 

Emirates Red Crescent Society

If you’ve ever wanted to volunteer in Dubai or do community service, the UAE Red Crescent is a great place to start. The Red Crescent Society provides services and assistance in a wide range of projects that address important or widespread societal concerns. With a diverse volunteer program, you will not only be giving your time, but also utilizing your skills.

Khalifa foundation

The Khalifa Foundation is second on our list of noteworthy charities in Abu Dhabi. The charity, founded by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, focuses on health and education. For example, health-related welfare efforts include Motherhood and child-rearing; addressing the issue of global malnutrition, supporting scientific research and attempts to combat dangerous illnesses. 

Some of the numerous causes funded by the Khalifa Foundation on both a local and global scale include vocational education programs in several emirates.

Al Noor Dubai

Enhancing the lives of hundreds of youngsters and young people who suffer from diverse physical and cognitive problems. Their trans-disciplinary assessments guarantee that all individuals get the exact aid they need, as they advocate holistic ways to ensure the wellness and development of all pupils. Those who desire to participate might volunteer with the youngsters by submitting their information to their reception for evaluation. Corporate volunteering is also offered, and monetary donations are also appreciated.

Pink caravan

This UAE-based project aims to promote awareness, and make early detection, treatment, and recovery more accessible to people suffering from breast cancer. This incredible project is available to volunteers with and without medical experience.

Volunteering with the Emirates Red Crescent Society, supporting the Khalifa Foundation, donating to Al Noor Dubai, or even participating in the Pink Caravan, can all have a huge a huge impact on the society. You can  use this chance, and volunteer in any of the mentioned organizations, to give back to the community and promote vital social goals.


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