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Sensory Morning Rituals


Our senses work constantly throughout the day to understand the wide variety of stimuli that our bodies and minds are exposed to. Many mornings, we force all five senses into activity by waking up immediately before we go, rather than progressively preparing each sense for the day ahead. We move so rapidly through our morning routines that we may even forget the first few seconds of our day.


As health experts, we will share with you in this article how to take time to embrace the power of your senses and make the most of your mornings.

Activating all senses: 



As the sun rises and casts a warm light across the sky, take time to admire nature’s beauty. Starting your day with visual beauty, whether it’s a sunrise view from your window, fresh flowers on your bedside table, or just staring at a piece of art that makes you happy, may lift your mood and encourage appreciation.


Instead of waking up to the blasting of an alarm, consider beginning your day with soothing noises that slowly awaken your mind from rest.  Allowing your ears to be greeted by quiet noises, such as the delicate chimes of a meditation app, the soothing melodies of your favourite music, or the gradual rustling of leaves outside your window, may establish a calm tone for the day ahead.


Include nice smells in your morning routine to engage your nose senses. Whether it’s the perfume of freshly made coffee, the satisfying scent of a shower gel, or the relaxing fragrance of essential oils, being surrounded by beautiful aromas may wake up your mind and energize your soul.


Instead of eating breakfast on the run, take your time and savour each bite, paying attention to the smells and textures of your meal and allowing yourself to thoroughly appreciate the flavours of your morning meal which will help you feel more focused and satisfied.


Incorporate the sense of touch into your daily routine, whether it’s the feel of a soft, cozy bed as you wake up or the grounding sensation of extending your body with yoga or mild exercise. By consciously activating your sense of touch, you may feel a stronger connection with your body and start the day with a sense of calmness and presence.

By embracing the power of our senses and consciously connecting with the environment around us each morning, we may create a stronger feeling of awareness, appreciation, and balance, which will help us get through the day with more ease and joy. Taking the time to savour each morning’s sensory impressions may set the tone for a day of intention, present, and appreciation for every aspect of our surroundings.


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