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Top Book Cafés in Dubai for Book Lovers


March is officially designated as the Month of Reading in the United Arab Emirates, to encourage people of all ages to value written words. The developing book café culture in Dubai has allowed many book enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the reading world. The best book cafes in Dubai are also considered work friendly as they offer the perfect combination of coffee, literature, and decent cuisine. If you are a bibliophile looking for a cozy spot to read your favorite book over the greatest cup of coffee here are the best cafes for you. 


Top Book Cafés in Dubai

Kefi books and coffeeshop

Kefi Books, Boardgames, and Specialty Coffee is an excellent spot to chill out with friends and family. A café with over 200 board games to select from, over 6000 books for passionate readers, and wonderful coffee alternatives for those who simply want to relax. They also provide a co-working space where you may work uninterrupted by others.


Art house café

Art House Cafe is part of the Etihad Modern Art Gallery. It is well-known for its aesthetics and serves as an ideal escape from reality into the rich realm of literature. You’ll discover comfortable chairs and homely decor constructed from reclaimed materials, as well as delicious food and a variety of coffee options. 

Book munch café

Book Munch Cafe allows customers to dine while reading. It’s an ideal spot for bookworms who enjoy a cup of coffee and some munchies while reading. They provide a diverse menu that caters to a variety of ethnicities. You may eat cuisines from all around the world while reading your favorite book.

Maison Assouline

Maison Assouline is a wonderful combination of glowing coffee tables and floor-to-ceiling bookcases stocked with some of the greatest literature. Maison Assouline is a recent addition to Dubai’s Fashion Avenue Mall. It began as a publishing firm in the late 1990s and has since expanded into a popular cafe selling valuable antiques and rare items.

Kuttab café

Kuttab Cafe, like other book cafes in Dubai, is one of the greatest places to sit, relax, and work quietly. It provides readers with the much-needed reading ambiance. The café, founded by Kuttab Publishing, a Dubai-based publishing company, has an in-house library covering a wide range of book genres, from humorous fiction to highly preferred religious books and philosophical discussions.

These beautiful cafés offer the ideal blend of books and a relaxing atmosphere. So if you’re into books and coffee, and happen to be in Dubai, these book cafés are a must try for an unbeatable experience. 


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