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The Art of Letting Go: Out With The Negative, In With The Positive

As humans, it’s in our nature to feel stuck and stay in a state of negativity. We might even turn the situation worse than it is, just by fueling our minds with intrusive thoughts. Studies show that most people allow their minds to control them, although it should be the other way around. 

With an insightful background in wellbeing and promoting positive mindsets , it’s clear that letting go of intrusive negative thoughts is an important step to establishing an optimistic outlook on life.

In this article ,we’ll give you some easy hacks on how to release that negative energy and also share ways in which you can embrace positivity. 

 Ready to delve into it? 

Releasing negative energy:

To lead a positive life, you  need to first release or remove the negative energy you have in your mind and body. For that, we’ve gathered simple hacks to kick that negativity out of your system ,leaving space for positivity to come around;

1- Meditation magic

Ranking one of the top at giving peace and allowing your body and mind to let go, meditation is a great practice to add to your morning, to release all the negativity.

2- Nature calls:

Nature has the power to reboot your system. When you are around the ocean, greenery, mountains etc, it blocks that negativity within you and around you.

3- Power move

Yoga, walking, running and exercise are all good options to break the downward spiraling. This will help you release toxins, bad energy and become ready to receive the good energy.

4- Break the cycle

We tend to focus on what’s bothering us,which allows the negative emotions to multiply. When you intentionally stop complaining, you’ll notice how your problems are already getting smaller.

Embracing positivity:

We know how staying optimistic is easier said than done ,especially at difficult times in our lives. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

Here are some insightful ideas to help you increase that positivity energy that’s rooted in you;

1. Replace Thoughts:

As soon as you notice how negatively you’re talking to yourself or others, replace the negative words with an optimistic one.

2. Be Grateful

Focus on what is going well in our lives, it will bring a light on that and minimize the problems that were previously occupying our minds with worry.

3. Smile

This may sound cliche, but smiling is more powerful than you think. Not only is it contagious, but it also sends the mind signals to release happy hormones.

4. Stay Flexible

Even though we tend to try and control everything in our lives, such an attitude drains our energy. Stay flexible and allow change to happen. 

So, let’s embark on a positive journey together, and release all that negative energy that only brings us down. We believe that after reading our hacks, you will find at least 2 or 3 answers to what you were looking for. That brings us to a question, how will you stay positive today?


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