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The Art of Coffee: Exploring the Best Morning Coffee Shops in Dubai


Dubai, the United Arab Emirates’ busy city, is recognized not just for its towering buildings and wealthy lifestyle, but also for its powerful coffee culture. It has a diversified and attractive coffee industry that appeals to all coffee lovers, from hidden gems to fashionable cafés. In this article we will take you on an aromatic tour through Dubai’s coffee culture, featuring popular local cafés, specialty brews, and one-of-a-kind coffee experiences.


Our top picks for Dubai’s coffee shops:

Air speciality coffee

Coming here regularly means drinking fresh coffee every time you visit, as it serves specialized coffee blends from around the world. With coffee blends from significant farms in Kenya, Ethiopia, and many more, this coffee place has something special to offer.


Boon coffee

At this coffee shop, roasting coffee and brewing specialist blends run in the family, with the founder’s roots in Ethiopia, the place with some of the greatest coffee beans in the world. Your coffee here comes in different styles, from V60 and Syphon to AeroPress and French press. The one-of-a-kind drink you’re looking for is here, hot, or cold, with a splash of Ethiopian honey or an Africano.

Common grounds

This family-friendly café is one of Dubai’s most attractive morning spots. It is located on Kite Beach’s Nessnass Beach and is ideal for a cup of coffee or a croissant by the ocean. Common Grounds, takes pleasure in its coffee, as the name indicates. The company describes itself as a “specialty coffee shop with a big heart.” This is one beach café you don’t want to miss out on, whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or a cup of coffee to refuel after a swim.

Drop Dubai

This popular specialty coffee business is well-known not only for its high-quality coffee, but also for its Instagram-friendly aesthetic. You’ll be well-served here, with everything from bottled cold brews to velvety. Definitely one of Dubai’s trendiest cafes to visit soon.


This stunning Jumeirah house is picture-perfect in every way. IYKYK is a stunning café with stylish furnishings and a swimming pool hidden within a flower studio and concept store named Villa Aumedan. After you’ve finished your morning coffee, you may go around the store and pick up a lovely bouquet. A fantastic way to begin any day.

Dubai’s coffee culture is a sensory adventure that appeals to both residents and tourists. The city’s coffee culture has something for everyone, from classic Arabian blends to specialty brews and creative techniques. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to savor a well-prepared cup or a latte art workshop, Dubai’s coffee culture guarantees a delicious and unique experience. You will definitely not regret visiting these places, so give it a go. 


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