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Step up your time management game

Did you wake up with a list of things to do today but feeling overwhelmed about where to begin? Or perhaps, your struggle to manage your time for all those tasks. Well, guess what? We’ve got your back. 

With a profound background in optimizing mornings, we’ve come to realize that using time management techniques and apps helps consolidate your to-do list, saving you valuable time. 

For that, we’ve gathered up some of the best hacks to master your time management skills and the top-rated time management apps to download.

How to hack your time management skills

  • Time is limitless: first, think of time as a limitless tool that you are in control of, not the other way around. Once you shift your mindset in that direction, time becomes your weapon rather than your enemy.
  • Pick your priorities: keep the things that are “urgent and important” at the top of your to do list. We recommend using Steven Covey’s priority matrix  to be able to classify each task’s level of importance.
  • Stay present: one of the most underrated efficiency hacks is fully focusing on one thing at a time. This will eliminate your distractions and save you time.

Here are the Top Rated apps to keep you organized:

1. Todoist

todoist app

With more than 30 million downloads, this app is user friendly and has features for both your personal professional needs. Todoist is available on ios, android and all computer devices. You can also install it on your apple watch.

2. Remember the milk:

Remember the milk

Considered one of the most trusted tools, remember the milk offers extra features where you can choose how you get reminders and tasks. What’s great about this app is it can sync with Siri to make the whole experience easier for you.

3. TimeTree: 


TimeTree is ideal for families who want to store everyone’s schedules in one place because it allows users to seamlessly exchange calendars and reminders. What’s also great about TimeTree is that all its features are totally Free!

Now that you have all the time management hacks in one place, we encourage you to try our simple and effective techniques that will save you time and energy . As you practice prioritizing your to dos, you’ll notice that it becomes simpler, and you’ll be able to choose the best approach at the right moment. Start your path to greatness today!


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