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Octopus, The Three Hearted Sea Creature

Did you know that an octopus has 3 hearts? Today, I will reveal the big mystery behind it all. Read on to Discover the most fascinating facts about octopuses!

As a person that has been always fascinated by the underwater world, Octopuses has always been my favorite. Octopuses are among the most intellectual invertebrates in the world. They Can detect people and communicate emotions through color and texture changes. According to research, they can solve puzzles, utilize tools, prepare ahead of time and crack sophisticated locks.

The 3 hearts secret:

  • There are 2 hearts that pump blood through the gills which picks up oxygen
  • Then there is the third heart that circulates the oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. Which supplies energy to the organs and muscles.
  • They have blue blood, which uses a copper rich protein to transport oxygen. Such anatomy explains why they need 3 hearts.

Here are the fascinating facts we know about Octopuses: 

  1. They have 8 brains: each arm has a small brain that contains nerve cells, controlling individual movement.
  2. Male octopuses die after mating: mating and parenting are brief events for the male, as they die soon after. The females can lay up to 400000 eggs.
  3. Their arms work like a mind: the arms of an octopus contain two-thirds of its neurons, not its head. As a result, the arm can figure out how to open a clam while their owner is busy doing something else.
  4. The animal’s name is Greek: the word “octopus” comes from the Greek word “oktopus”, which means eight feet.
  5. They can camouflage faster than we blink:  in exactly one fifth of a second to be accurate. It’s all due to  hundreds of chromatophores and the massive neural networks they have.

By now, just like me, I think you are fascinated by this amazing creature and know the endless capabilities it has. Octopuses are considered one of the most interesting sea creatures, going back to existing for over 296 million years. The next time you come across one, you wouldn’t be looking at them the same. 



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