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Don’t Look Old Just Yet, Avoid These Fashion Choices ASAP

As children, we took it as a compliment when people assumed we were more mature than we actually were. Now? That is the most heinous insult I’ve ever heard! Worn-out clothing can make you appear years older than you actually are. You can look younger if you wear the right clothes, but you can also look older if you wear the wrong ones! Finding the perfect outfit can be difficult; what was fashionable even a year ago maybe a complete no-no today. To stay on top of the latest trends, you need to avoid these fashion faux pas. Here are some examples of fashion faux pas to avoid.

Poofy, Big Hairdo

Big hair was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The only way to style your hair was to use a teasing comb or a backcombing comb. We now know how damaging this is to your hair, not to mention how out-of-date the look makes you appear to be. Soft, silky hair is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Poofy, Big Hairdo

Matchy-Matchy Outfits

Color coordinating is out and mixing patterns and prints is in. Not only is it boring to wear matching outfits all the time, but it also makes you look older. Mix leopard with plaid and stripes with circles to avoid looking too put together.

Screenshot 2


Wearing high-water pants to show off your amazing socks is fine, but don’t stop wearing them just yet. However, if that isn’t the case, we regret to inform you that this style of pants is not recommended. When shopping for pants, make sure you sit down and check to see if the pants cover your ankles. Nobody wants cold ankles!

Screenshot 3


Years ago, thin eyebrows were the most popular style of brows to be seen wearing back then. Thick, natural brows are fashionable right now. Make room for your caterpillars to grow and ignore those stray hairs; the bushier the caterpillars, the better.

Screenshot 4

No Skincare Routine

Now is a good time to start using night and eye cream if you’re in your twenties. Even if you aren’t old yet, using an anti-aging cream (such as Olay’s) can help slow down the aging of your skin. Keep your youth by incorporating this into your morning and evening routines.

Screenshot 9

Long Sleeves Only

Even though arm flab is a thing as you get older, no one is really paying attention to your arms anyway. They will, however, if you are wearing a cover-up during the hot summer months. Take control of your arm flab and break out the short-sleeved shirts!

Screenshot 10

Matching Lipstick And Dress

Make use of pink lipstick to bring out the color of your black sweater if you’re wearing it. You should avoid purchasing a pomegranate-coloured lipstick to go with your pomegranate-coloured blouse, though it may be tempting. No true match will ever be found, and the difference between the two will appear aesthetically bizarre.

Screenshot 11

“Old Lady” Handbags

Large handbags sometimes referred to as “old lady” handbags, are out of style. Small, elegant bags have replaced the bulky, leather totes that were once popular. After all, how much stuff do you really need to carry around in your handbag?

Screenshot 12

Undergarment Lines

Wearing the appropriate clothing will only look good if you also wear the appropriate undergarments to go with it. If your bra is visible through your shirt or your underpants are too tight, your entire outfit will be thrown off balance, as will your entire day. In order to avoid embarrassment, we recommend that you purchase seamless clothing and accessories, such as the kind Faye Dunaway experienced after a night on the red carpet (below).

Screenshot 21

Overdoing It With Powder

Powder makeup is the most effective way to dry out your skin and make your makeup cling to every pore on your face. Using powder makeup will bring all of your imperfections to the surface, even if you only have a couple. If you want to stay away from this fashion trend, liquid makeup and creams are better options.

Screenshot 16

Pieces With A Story

Despite the fact that that dress holds sentimental value, there is no requirement that you should wear it. If it’s too big and baggy, have it hemmed or use the fabric to make a scarf or something similar to wear with it. Avoid walking around in that hideous, unflattering dress simply because you wore it to your daughter’s first birthday celebration.

Screenshot 25

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