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Do You Know: The Canary Islands Are Named After Dogs

Ever heard of an island that’s named after an animal? Not only does the name of the canary island sound interesting,it’s also not named after a bird! 

As a world traveler, I’ve come to understand that the canary islands are amongst the very unique places to visit and know about.

Today, I’ll tell you all about where the name of the island came from and also share with you some of the most captivating facts that I’ve learned about the great canary islands.

Let’s explore!

Origin of The Canary Islands’ name

  • If you think that canary refers to a bird, then oops, you got this one wrong.
  • I know it’s hard to guess, but the name originates from the Latin term for the island, Insula Canaria, which means “Island of the Dogs” !
  • Many people believe it is due to the enormous population of “sea dogs”,which were named by the romans.
  • It turns out that the canary birds were named after the islands itself, I bet such a fact wouldn’t have crossed your mind!

Facts you didn’t know about canary islands

1- Most of the islands were created by volcanoes

2- The third largest volcano in the world is in the canary islands: Mount Teide’s highest peak reached 3,718m high.

3- The awarded whistle language: They have their own whistle language called “ Silbo Gomera” .which was fully developed by 22000 people. Not only that, but also in 2009, it was designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. How cool is that?

4- The first ever self-sufficient island in the world: El Hierro, the smallest island of them, uses 100% renewable energy, obtaining the majority of its power from wind, sun and water.

5- Ruled by the giant gallotia: Before humans arrived on the Canary Islands, a large lizard species known as ‘giant gallotia’ called these islands home. They Are the size of Komodo dragons. Imagine how spine-chilling that would look like if you were there!

Now that you know many interesting facts about the canary island, I’m guessing you’ll be wondering what a trip to the islands will be like and I can guarantee you won’t regret it! I was personally impressed that El Hierro’s island is fully self-sufficient and intrigued to visit there soon.


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