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Affirmations:start every morning the right way

Want to have a quick kick start to your day but don’t know how? With affirmations you’ll have just the right mindset to get the best out of your day and nothing can stop you!

With a background in the mind’s wellness and psychology, we’ve come to realize that being consistent with positive affirmations greatly boosts your mood, increases happiness and elevates your confidence. 

Let’s explore how affirmations create a positive mindset and share our top 10 picks for you to add to your morning.

How affirmations boost your mindset

  1. Builds your confidence 
  2. Reduces negative thoughts
  3. Allows you to be more mindful and aware
  4. Makes you less overwhelmed
  5. Makes you feel grounded

Positive morning affirmations

Here our top 10 affirmations to add  to your morning:

Note: practice your affirmations by two simple ways; look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the phrase you choose, or say them wherever you are.

  1. “I’m an amazing and confident person who knows what’s best for me”
  2. “I choose how i’m going to feel today”
  3. “I am worthy of love,kindness and acceptance”
  4. “I will not stress over things i cannot control”
  5. “It doesn’t matter how yesterday went because today is going to be a good day”
  6. “I start this day with a grateful mind”
  7. “I welcome what is, i welcome what comes”
  8. “I will allow myself to evolve”
  9. “My mindfulness and wellness is my priority “
  10. 10.“I am confident”

By now you know how affirmations work, and if you start practicing them you will see how great an impact they have on your life. As a team of experts, we’ve been doing it for years, and we believe that starting your day with positive affirmations will bring wholesome and enjoyable experiences back into your mind, body, and life.


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